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The Newhaven Heritage Centre is recognised as a Scottish registered charity No SC044837.

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NEWHAVEN ON FORTH is a district of Edinburgh but has a long proud history of being a fiercely independent fishing community on the banks of the River Forth.  Read about it within these pages.

As we campaign for the re-establishment of our popular Community Museum in a physical place, we display the variety of our photographic, video and audio collection and demonstrate the rich and unique heritage of the village.

So let us introduce you to our Newhaven Heritage and Cultural Centre — The Anchor.  As we linger outside the main doors, take in the landscaped garden setting with its themed framework design.  

Here you can relax in the sun and read a book.  Here you can mingle with your friends.  Here you can just sit and admire the diversity of the wildlife.

Now let us enter the community-run Centre.

As you enter the main doors, you will be greeted by friendly local volunteers at Reception.  They also look after the MUSEUM SHOP where visitors can purchase books, mugs, magnets. Greeting cards, postcards and much more. Purchases are made via our online transaction partners, Jumblebee, a secure site where you can make purchases in complete safety.

To the immediate right as you enter is THE LISTON ROOM named after a co-founder of the original museum, George Liston (1924 - 2005).  This room is dedicated to relating the History of Newhaven — the Great Michael, the Free Fishermen’s Society, Fishing and Trawling and much more are showcased by visiting this room.

Next to this room is THE HACKLAND  ROOM which is named in the memory of founder Newhaven Heritage member George Hackland (1923 - 2017.  The Hackland Room focuses on the tales and heritage of Newhaven from the year of George’s birth until the redevelopment of the village in the early seventies. Here you will be able to see videos of Newhaveners reminiscencing and hear audio memories of times past.  

The third main room is THE CARNIE SUITE where events, talks and special exhibitions are held such as an exhibition of postcards, or fishwives in their costumes, or a celebration of the Newhaven Fisherwomen’s Choir.

You can have a behind the scenes visit to our MUSEUMS STORES and see artworks and maps of Newhaven over the years as well as artefacts.

A visit to our OFFICE and INTERVIEW ROOM will access a number of interesting databases including family trees. And from here,  a WALKING TOUR will leave with a leader who will regale you with wonderful tales and anecdotes of Newhaven’s fascinating and unique heritage.

Do keep coming back.  You will always find new images and items being added.  You can keep up to date by visiting the Newhaven Heritage Centre Facebook page and by joining The Bow-Tow Facebook Group.  You can join in the many fascinating conversations that are happening right now.  You can subscribe to the free quarterly issue of The Bow-Tow newsletter at the shop . . .which is where we came in!

Thank you for visiting.  And haste ye back!

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working to preserve, protect and promote Newhaven’s rich heritage